New York is home to eleven professional major league sports franchises.  Yes, we know that a couple of them actually play in New Jersey, but for the purposes of this exercise, humor us.  New York is also home to millions of sports fans.  And, there are tens of millions more around the globe.  Bills Mafia and Bills Backer Bars exist in almost any city that you visit.  New York has franchises in all of North America's major sports leagues, which is a claim that not many states can make.

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With these hundreds of millions of fans, comes excessive value when it comes to what the state's professional franchises are worth. But when you take a look at the list, it's almost shocking where the Buffalo Bills land.

The table below, provided by ,  illustrates the top-10 most valuable New York sports teams projected out to the years 2030, and 2040:

   Value (Millions)Predicted Value(Millions)
1New York KnicksNBA$2,500$3,300$4,000$5,000$9,653$18,902
2New York YankeesMLB$3,200$3,700$4,600$5,250$9,587$18,077
3New York GiantsNFL$2,800$3,300$3,900$4,850$8,515$16,121
4New York JetsNFL$2,600$2,750$3,200$4,050$7,009$13,142
5Brooklyn NetsNBA$1,500$1,800$2,350$2,650$5,498$10,707
6New York MetsMLB$1,350$2,000$2,300$2,450$4,552$8,547
7New York RangersNHL$1,100$1,250$1,550$2,000$3,878$7,697
8Buffalo BillsNFL$1,400$1,600$1,900$2,270$3,716$6,794
9New York City FCMLSN/A$275$385$655$1,868$4,244
10New York IslandersNHL$300$385$440$950$1,442$2,960

*These figures were adjusted for inflation at a rate of the United States average from 1914 until 2021 – 3.24%.

At the top of the list, are two of New York's most popular teams. The Knicks, in a somewhat shocking fashion, are at the top of the list.  A spot that has been reserved for their Pinstripe brethren from the Bronx, The New York Yankees for years. The Yankees hold down the number two slot in this projection.

But the bigger shocker is where the Buffalo Bills wind up.  They slide all the way down to the 8th position behind 2 NBA teams, 2 MLB teams, 1 NHL team, and the 2 other NFL franchises from "New York".

The Action Network used the following methodology to come to their conclusions:

They first studied club values. This data was captured by analyzing historical Forbes and Statista data. Using this data, we ran a forecast function to generate predicted club value information for the years 2022-2040. From here, we were able to rank the top-10 New York sports teams by their projections.

One thing to note, Buffalo's Sabres don't make the top ten, as New York City FC of the MLS slides ahead of them and onto the list.

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