The calendar says it's the last week of March. It's officially springtime in Western New York. Actually, let me say that it's "technically" springtime in Western New York.

I've lived in Buffalo my entire life and if you have lived here long enough, then you know that just because the calendar says we're in spring or fall, does not mean that we are in fact feeling those seasonable temperatures.

This weekend and into next week calls for temperatures in the 30's and even high 20's for highs with snow and mixed precipitation. It's all part of a massive cold front coming down from Canada that is sweeping across the Great Lakes, Midwest and Northeast. Even part of the south will have cooler than normal temps over the next few days.

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Every single year, we are in the midst of winter and say "just have to wait until March."

March is this magical benchmark with so many people. It's probably because that's the month that has the official start of spring, but most years, March is similar to February. Colder, snowy and rain. Outside of a few token warmer days, it's not a great weather month. Even early April has one last heave from Old Man Winter before we finally get into warming temps for good.

Late April is typically when we finally turn the corner for the better. March is absolutely not the month to ever look forward to for warming weather, at least on a consistanet basis.

Let's not get fooled next year, Buffalo.

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