Buffalo is getting more and more attention, and it’s not just because of the Buffalo Bills. 

This week, Buffalo managed to make it to three game shows in one day! 

Now, the city of Buffalo has been mentioned on a game show before, but to have three big name shows mention us on the same day? 

That’s huge

From seeing Joseph Hubert on the Price Is Right! to Jeopardy asking about our city and the Callahan family representing our home on Family Feud, it shows that Buffalo is everywhere!

The Callahan family even subtly managed to mention Cone Head….

You can watch the Buffalo pride unfold in the video below.

My favorite part of all three of these clips is listening to Joseph Hubert shout out to Josh Allen with his “Hey-ey-ey-ey!” shirt on. 

He snuck a shout out in there for Lucy too, who is his girlfriend by the way. She seems OK with being after Josh, and after all, it’s Josh. He’s a leader in Buffalo, on and off the field. 

Joseph Hubert won $7000 on the Price Is Right! and an xbox, and fun fact: the show was taped the day before the Bills/Rams game in LA. 

The Callahan family has been on Family Feud a few times these last few weeks, but it’s nice to see someone from Buffalo winning!

And we’re a Jeopardy question now??? I think that means we are a big deal!

Let’s Go, Buffalo!

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