I know what you are thinking: A grass parking lot in Buffalo? How do they cleat their parking lot in the winter? This is Buffalo, N.Y. baby, we get snow, and a lot of it!

However, Five Points Bakery on Bryant Street in Buffalo has the first ever, code regulated grass parking lot in all of Buffalo, New York. Their parking lot has held up for a full year and will continue to do so as it has passed all of Buffalo's Parking Lots codes.

According to the Five Points Bakery website, the goal of the bakery "was about doing good." They emphasized their belief in the importance of respect for all things, including parking lots apparently.

"Doing good" is exactly what the bakery is doing. In their Facebook post, they highlighted some of the very ecologically beneficial effects of the grass parking lot, including "absorbing rainfall and keeping it out of the storm sewers" and "helps mitigate global warming by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen."

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