The NFL honored healthcare workers with tickets to the Super Bowl to say thank you.  Now, they're sending some to the NFL Draft in Cleveland too.

When the pandemic began, many healthcare workers took risks just by coming to work every day.  They risked their health and now, the NFL wants to say thank you.

The Buffalo Bills are looking for local frontline healthcare workers to go to the NFL Draft in Cleveland this year to represent the Bills Mafia.

I do like that they're asking people to apply to win the opportunity to be there.  This way, we know that the people that will be there aren't only heroes who worked through the pandemic, but they will also be fans of the team and be excited to represent them.

An in-person draft wasn't a certainty this year.  Last year they ended up doing the draft virtually and it really was a strange feeling.  It didn't have the energy or excitement that an in-person draft has.  When you can see and hear the fans' immediate reactions it just gives it a different feel.

Bills fans will probably have to wait a little longer this year to see who the Bills end up picking.  Because they had such a great year last season, they will be picking further down in the draft.  They currently hold the 30th overall pick in this year's draft.  Although, they could make trades to move up, most people don't anticipate that will be what they will do.

Click here to enter if you are a frontline healthcare worker that would like to go..


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