The blizzard that hit Western New York at the end of 2022 was a historic one.  Now, the Buffalo History Museum is hoping to preserve memories of it.

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Buffalo weather forecasters were calling it a "Generational storm" before it arrived and it definitely lived up to the hype.  It was a blizzard like none we have seen since the famous "Blizzard of '77."  We have definitely had other storms come through that shut down some towns like the "Surprise October Storm" and "Snowvember." Just a few weeks before this blizzard we received over 6 feet of snow in certain parts of Western New York.  Yet, few of those storms left as much devastation as the "Blizzard of 22."

Comparatively, the Blizzard of '77 had 23 fatalities attributed to the storm.  The Blizzard of '22 has left us with 40+.

It is now going to be a part of our history for sure and the Buffalo History Museum is hoping that you might be able to help preserve it within their walls.  They're asking for people to help contribute artifacts and media from the days of the storm.  They're looking for just about everything from photos that you took to videos of the snow falling, and even audio files of you recalling events that may have happened that you were a part of.

You could even leave a written account of your thoughts, feelings, or experiences that are tied to the Blizzard.  They hope to contribute to the record of the event and to also "provide valuable insight for future generations."  This was certainly not our first big storm, and it definitely will not be our last.

If you'd like to contribute, you can participate in their survey here.

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