Anywhere you go in Western New York, you have a good chance of seeing someone wearing something Buffalo-related.

But that’s what happens when your city has as much pride as ours does. 

While most people in Western New York have Buffalo merch, there are some people who have more of a tie to the animal symbol than others do, and there might be an underlying reason as to why. 

In most cultures, there’s a belief that every human has one or two “Spirit Guides” who protect and guide them, from birth and beyond. On occasion, that “Spirit Guide” can be an animal, which is, what many people call, their spirit animal or an animal totem. 

It is believed that a “Spirit Animal” chooses you from the day you were born, until the day you die, and the animal totem typically represents qualities, abilities, characteristics, that you currently have or are in the process of developing, according to What Is My Spirit Animal?

If you are often drawn to Buffalo-merch or objects that have a buffalo on it, it may be because the buffalo has been chosen as your animal totem.

What Does It Mean? 

When a Buffalo appears as your spirit animal or your animal totem, it means abundance and liberation are on the way. You will naturally find yourself immersed in the spiritual aspects of life. There is a drive to find the sacredness in every part of your life. You are centered by the Earth and often express gratitude. 

How Do I Know What My Animal Totem Is?

You have to pay attention to the world around you to see if the world is presenting an animal to you more than others. You’ll also want to pay closer attention to your dreams, and maybe keep a journal so it’s easier to remember the moments that an animal is presented to you. 

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