People who are set to be executed get a strange option that most don't get to choose. What will their last meal be? If you had to choose one from a place in Buffalo, what would you choose?

It's always seemed strange to me that this tradition has lasted as long as it has.  Someone has done something so heinous that society has decided they should no longer walk the earth...but just before they die, they allow them one "last meal" and they can essentially choose whatever they want.  Why?

Where did the ritual come from?

According to an article on The Ringer, the tradition dates back centuries.  In France they used to give the person who was set to be executed a glass of rum.  Then in the 16th century, they would share a meal with the executioner.  According to Linda Meyer who wrote,"The Meaning of Death: Last Words, Last Meals," the tradition has morphed more into something more of a reconciliation between the prisoner and the executioner.

"Last meals may be an offering by the guards and prison administrators as a way of seeking forgiveness for the impending execution, signaling that ‘it’s nothing personal." - Linda Meyer

Some believe that it's to keep the ghosts of the executed from coming back to haunt them.

Are there any restrictions?

It depends on the prison.  Most prisons require that the meal be available in that prison system.  So if they ask for lobster, there's a good chance that meal will get denied.  I don't know too many prisons that serve lobster on a daily basis.   They can request pizza...but sadly, not pizza from a specific restaurant in town.  And they aren't allowed to ask for specific meals made by a family member at home.

So yeah...there are some restrictions.

What would you choose?

I know it would be against the rules, but if you had to choose your last meal and you could only choose from a restaurant in Buffalo, what specific meal would you choose and which restaurant would you want it to be from?  I was surprised to see what people chose considering they could choose any meal.  They could have surf and turf...but some of these responses might surprise you!

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