Another popular restaurant bites the dust in Buffalo. This one hurts, too. 

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If you were to ask Buffalo foodies where to get the best bowl of tomato soup in Western New York, we guarantee the answer would be unanimous - Buffalo Melting Point. Their rich, creamy tomato soup paired with one of their gooey, made-from-scratch grilled cheese sandwiches is the ultimate in Buffalo comfort food. 

On cold, gloomy days here in Buffalo, a soup and sandwich from Buffalo Melting Point perfectly hits the spot. Their Yelp page contains rave after rave about the popular Allentown restaurant:

The tomato soup has to be the best I've ever had.” - Michaela S.

“Hands down the best sandwich place I’ve ever been to.” - Cody P. 

If you haven't been before... what are you waiting for?!?” - Allison G. 

Sadly, you don't have much longer if you haven’t visited the popular eatery yet (and tried their #97). Buffalo Melting Point announced on their Instagram that they would close their doors on March 5th after nine years in business.

Many social media users are blaming the recent string of closures in the Allentown district, including Buffalo Melting Point, on things like the constant construction in the area (even though it could be argued that it’s very much needed) and skyrocketing rent prices for local businesses. 

BMP shares in their post:

The increasing challenges of running a small business in this city are not exclusive to Allentown or the service industry, but they are well on their way for both.


However, Buffalo Melting Point also stated that Allentown is “a neighborhood we believe in, and are grateful it is one that has believed in us."

Whatever the case may be, this latest in the recent wave of Buffalo restaurant closures really hits area residents hard.  Here’s hoping that the crew at Buffalo Melting Point can one day carry on as their Instagram post says and continue to find a way to bring those epically cheesy sandwiches and amazing tomato soup back to the people of Buffalo soon.

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