Buffalo has a big storm coming this weekend.  How big will it be?  One meteorologist is comparing it to a kegger.

There is a bit of a history in Buffalo of associating storms with alcohol.  Back in the day, former Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin became a bit of legend when asked what people should do to prepare for an upcoming storm he said, "Stay home, enjoy your family, watch channel 7, and get a six-pack."

It's something that Buffalonians have been quoting for years.  And taking to heart.

Some people even measure the amount of snow they get with beer cans or bottles.  For example, this weekend, we might get 4 bottles of Labatt Blue.

It's not often that you get a meteorologist who makes that comparison.  But why not?  It's one that we can relate to.

Channel 7 Meteorologist Andy Parker compared this upcoming storm by how many beers it would relate to.  For example, a small storm would be just a can of beer.  A bigger storm might be a six-pack.  To show the enormity of this one coming up, he said it would be more of a kegger.

Sadly, he isn't saying it's going to be that big of a party.  He's saying that it's going to be a big storm.  I mean...unless you wanted to make it one.  If you want to grab a keg and hang out at your house for a few days...as long as you're not driving...

They're calling for this weekend's storm to be a historic one.  A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for Erie, Genesee, and Wyoming counties from Thursday evening through Sunday evening.

It's hard to believe, but they're forecasting between 4-6 feet of snow from Buffalo to a few areas south of the city.

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