There are so many things to love about the Buffalo Niagara Airport. 

The flights are affordable, it’s easy to park at the airport, the security lines are usually short…there are a handful of food options after the security checkpoint, with the restrooms always clean. 

I fly pretty frequently, and I love how the Buffalo airport has a small town feel to it. You may run into someone you know, or meet a stranger at the gate who becomes a new friend. 

But there is one thing that’s missing from the Buffalo Niagara Airport, and I think it becomes even more evident as we approach a holiday like Mother’s Day and big occasions like an anniversary or a birthday. 

We need a flower shop at the airport. 

Granted, I can’t think of a single airport I have ever been in that has one, but wouldn’t it be awesome to say that Buffalo was the first?

I always heard that there used to be flower shops in the airport back in the day when you could walk all the way to the gate without a boarding pass (many years ago), but passengers coming in and out of the Buffalo Niagara Airport would appreciate it! 

There are so many great, locally-owned flower shops that would probably love the opportunity to have a little vendor area at the Buffalo Airport. 

Some Buffalonians may have moved to Florida or another location, and if they are planning to fly back this weekend for Mother’s Day, it would be nice to have a flower shop to stop at when coming off the plane so that Mom can have a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

Sure, you could try to take a bouquet through airport security or rush to pick one up on your way out of the airport, but the convenience of having it right there when you get off the plane would make life so much easier to make that special gesture. 

And yes, everything at the airport may be a little pricey (in comparison to other places), but wouldn’t it be worth it to make your mom’s day? Or your wife’s? Or your friend’s? 

After my latest trip this weekend, people at my gate agreed that "we need this."

What do you think? Would you want to see a flower shop at the Buffalo Niagara Airport?

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