It has to be tough to go through the work to break a world record then have it rebroken a year later.  But that happened to a Buffalo park and now...they want it back.

In 2018, the Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy set a world record for the Longest Line of Garden Flamingos.  You know the plastic flamingos that stereotypically grace all the lawns in Cheektowaga, right?  They had the longest line of them in the world.  It measured 2,018 feet when they were all lined up beak to beak and tail to tail along Bidwell Parkway.

However, that record was broken in 2019 when a group called "Pledge The Pink" lined up 3,753 of the pink flamingos in St. Helena, South Carolina.  They shattered the record.  Their length was 4,832.21 feet.

Well...the Buffalo Olmstead Parks Conservancy would like their record back now. They're aiming to take it in 2022 but they're looking for your help to do it.

In 2022, they will be celebrating the bicentennial of Frederick Law Olmstead's birthday and they would like to break that record of 4,832.21 feet.  They're asking you to buy a flamingo and be a part of the feat.  You will get to walk away with a piece of history and also help to raise money for the Conservancy’s mission and celebration of Olmsted’s 200th birthday.

You can get one flamingo...or as they're calling them "FLOmingos" (for Frederick Law Olmstead) for just $20.  But if you'd like to buy more, the cost per FLOmingo will go down per bird.  You can get 5 of them for just $60.

If you would like to buy more than 5, they ask that you contact Sarah Larkin, by email at

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