You may have seen this one on facebook.  Recently a guy set a world record for the number of bowling balls held.  It looked like something that could be I gave it a try.

It seemed too good to be true.  The video was just posted about the new record of bowling balls held by one person.  It looked like this when it was done:

Then that record was broken with 14:

We were going bowling...we have a camera.  I thought I could do it.

It seemed simple enough - 15 bowling balls.  That's all that I needed to tie the record set for the Guiness Book of World Records.

What I didn't figure in was that it wasn't as much about strength as it was about balance.

So how did I do?

The finger holes did me in.  I was able to get up to 11 bowling balls in my arms but I just couldn't hold the ones that needed to be on my fingers.

It was much harder than I thought!

Think you can do it?  I'd love to see someone from Western New York be able to pull this one off!  We are the bowling capital of the world after all...

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