The following story could cause you to shed a tear. 

Nelson Kelly loved to play disc golf, and it was a game that he loved. While he had many loves of his life, including his wife Jessica, his child Flynn, and others, who are determined to keep his memory alive -- one thing Nelson really loved was disc golf. 

Back in September 2021, a transport truck tragically struck another vehicle that Nelson Kelly was driving. The crash was horrific, and Nelson Kelly did not survive.

During the pandemic, Nelson shared his love of disc golf with his family members, including his sister, who came up with a unique way to honor Nelson’s life. 

Nelson’s sister created an Instagram account to remember his life. The account is @nelsonkelly952, and the sister wrote in the Instagram bio: “I want to keep his memory alive by sending this disc out into the world.” 

The message on the disc reads:

“This disc is in memory of Nelson Kelly. Please toss this hole for him, then leave on next hole for next player. If found on last hole, please take to a new course. Post pics on IG, #nelsonkelly952.”

The disc started in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and now it has made its way across the border to one of Western New York’s favorite parks, Chestnut Ridge, thanks to one disc golf player Adam Jacobs. 

Jacobs threw the disc on the last hole at Firemen’s Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and since he lives in Buffalo, New York, he decided to bring it back across the border with him. 

Jacobs shared the journey of the traveling disc, just like Nelson’s sister encouraged with her written message. 

Hope everyone keeps it moving,” Jacobs wrote on Facebook

Over 160,000 people have reacted to the post, and many people wanted to see “The Man Behind The Disc,” so they went to the memorial Instagram page to follow the journey of the traveling disc. 

The orange disc originally started at Project 15 near Peterborough, Ontario, which was Nelson’s favorite course. It’s amazing how far it has traveled already!

May the disc travel far and wide and carry the memory of Nelson Kelly with it! 

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