Buffalo, New York has always been a foodie town, but you may not have realized how much they are credited for. 

Known as the birthplace of “buffalo wings,” the originator of sponge candy, and the inventor of…cupped pepperoni?

This year, as you celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day, remember that you may live in the country’s capital for it: Buffalo, New York. 

Across the country, National Pepperoni Pizza Day is celebrated annually on September 20, and fortunately, there are tons of places to do that here in Western New York. 

However, our pepperoni pizzas are unique: we use cupped pepperoni, which is unlike anywhere else in the country. 

Cupped Pepperoni Was Created In Buffalo, New York

After all, we are the originators of the most delicious version of one of the world’s most popular pizza toppings. 

This type of pepperoni was specifically crafted for Buffalo, and it has been a trademark of the way we make pepperoni pizza. It’s called cup & char pepperoni, and many people who visit Buffalo will refer to this version of the pizza as “Buffalo Style” for its unique pepperoni style. 

Who Created Cupped Pepperoni?

Cupped pepperoni was originally produced by Umberto Battistoni in 1964, and it started in its original facility (which is still in use today) in Buffalo, New York. 

The original recipes for the cupped topping come from Italy, and it is still used today at Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats

Our Pizza Inspired Other Major Cities

If you head to New York City anytime soon, you may notice that they also offer cupped pepperoni on pizza, thanks to us. New York City pizza enthusiasts noticed the crunchy and tasty flavor of a cupped, slightly burned piece of pepperoni, and it was a game changer. And it originated in Buffalo! 

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