Buffalo and Western New York are used to being the bud of jokes. It's always about three things.

The snowy and cold weather; the lack of things to do; and the lack of championships with its two major pro sports franchises.

Many of those jokes are stereotypical and made by people who have never even been to Western New York, let alone spent any amount of time here.

There's one thing you cannot knock about Buffalo, however, and that is the amazing food that can be found here.

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Chicken wings are the number one food in Buffalo and beef on weck is up there too. Pizza is also a popular choice and to be honest, Buffalo is the most underrated spot in the country for pizza.

The countless Buffalo-style pizza places make the region unique. The slightly thicker crust, the extra cheese, the cup-and-char pepperoni, and sweeter sauce -- it's glorious.

Despite Buffalo-style pizza being the number one choice here, the region also has fantastic New York and Neapolitan-style pizzerias, and one of them has made a prestigious list.

Top 50 Pizza, which ranks the best pizzerias in the world, recently listed its top 50 pizzerias in the United States, and at number 13 was Jay's Artisan Pizza in Kenmore.

They say Jay's Artisan Pizza is extremely authentic for genuine Neapolitan pizza and the simple and raw ingredients make Jay's one of the best places in the country.

Neapolitan pizza is a little closer to the pizza you would find in Italy and its lighter texture and raw, organic ingredients have plenty of fans here in the United States.

It's so cool to have a pizza place in Buffalo make the top 20 pizzerias in the country.

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