Not all crimes require a call to 9-1-1.  But, if you still need a police report for a crime that has been committed, there is a new way to report it in Buffalo.

WIVB is reporting that the Buffalo Police have created an online tool to help you report crimes like property crimes, identity theft, vandalism, harassing phone calls, lost property, and hit and runs.

It makes it simple for a victim to go online to make the report and not have to wait for an officer to come to the scene right away.

In many cases, you need a police report for insurance reasons.  By using this tool, you could be able to get one back in 48 hours or less.

“This on-line reporting will allow for citizens to quickly file police reports at their convenience without having to wait for officers to arrive on the scene. This service is yet another example of how the Buffalo Police are always looking to become more efficient and to better serve our community.” - Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood

I can see where this would have come in handy for me a couple of years ago.  My car was broken into.  They took all of the music that I had just used to DJ a party.  (Yes, it was back when music was on CDs.)  It was thousands of dollars worth of music.  So of course, I wanted a report to submit to my insurance company.  But let's just say that early in the morning on a Sunday, a broken window wasn't very high on the list of priorities.  So I ended up waiting a couple hours before I was able to see an officer.  This would have saved me time, and them too.

If you would like to make a report like this for a crime that was committed in Buffalo, it is available right now on the Buffalo Police Department's website.


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