Someone is leaving secret porch messages around Buffalo, and everyone is confused to say the least.

It seems that at least one home has been targeted by these “message senders," and it is one located right outside of Buffalo State. 

This is some weird porch behavior...

Someone shared a photo of one of these porch messages, left at his friend’s house who lives in Buffalo, just outside of Buff State.

Are those…hot dogs?

Maybe not, but it definitely looked like it at first glance. 

Someone else said it looked like it might have been four rolls of pennies and a roll of nickels, so perhaps someone owed his friend $4.50, which doesn’t seem like a problem to me. That makes “cents,” right? Haha.

If it were my porch, I would feel odd about using the cash left on my porch in a perfect little five-pointed star. Is it “finders keepers” at that point if it’s on your property?

It could be smoked cigars though…or the secret admirer is a big fan of Walmart. 

Wal-Mart Lowers Earnings Estimate After Weak Second Quarter
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Regardless of what the message means, I think the only way to be absolutely safe is for the friend to take a Blue Cheese bath, then chant “Bills Mafia” in the mirror three times, and that should protect them from whatever this message could mean.

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