Although there is a 1 in 300 million chance of winning the Powerball jackpot or the Mega Millions jackpot, you have probably thought about the ways that you would spend your money. 

With another two drawings right around the corner, maybe you are feeling lucky and planning to buy a lottery ticket….or five? 

As of now, the Powerball jackpot sits at an estimated jackpot of $1 billion! That is an estimated cash value of $516.8 million. 

That’s nothing to bat an eye at!

It’s so much money that it can be overwhelming to think about what you might spend it on. 

In case you want some ideas, we crunched some numbers, and here are some Buffalo ways you can spend the Powerball jackpot on. 

  1. Sponge Candy

    1. The average cost of sponge candy by the pound is $28.95. Doing some quick math, $516.8 million / $28.95 = 17,851,468 pounds of sponge candy. If you consumed a pound per day, that would cover you for 48,908 years!
  2. Wings At Bar-Bill East Aurora

    1. For 20 wings, it costs $31.95 at Bar-Bill in East Aurora. If you divide the jackpot by the wing costs, that would be $516.8 million / $31.95 = 16,175,273 orders of 20 wings, which means you would have 323,505,477 wings! That’s enough for over 885,000 years! 
  3. Josh Allen Signed Jerseys

    1. According to Fanatics, the average cost of a Josh Allen signed jersey is $1,100.00. That means you could get a total of 469,818 Josh Allen signed jerseys! And about 469,817 new friends…haha!  
  4. Pontoon Boats

    1. In Buffalo, we love to go out to Lake Erie or Lake Ontario and have a boat day, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your own? For a mid-size new pontoon boat averages around $30,000, which means you could buy 17,226 pontoon boats!  
  5. Buffalo Bills Tickets

    1. According to SeatGeek, you can find Buffalo Bills tickets for as low as $81.00, but let’s use the average price of a ticket for this math equation, which is about $252.00. With your Powerball jackpot, you would be able to buy 2,050,793 Buffalo Bills regular season tickets. With about 17 games per season, that is 120,634 regular season games you could go to!
  6. Labatt Blue 

    1. A 30-pack of Labatt Blue is marketed at $24.99, according to Target’s online store. If you purchase Labatt Blue for that cost, that means you would be able to afford 20,680,272 packs of 30 – which equates to 620,408,163 beers! 
  7. How Much Of The New Buffalo Bills Stadium?

    1. The new Buffalo Bills stadium, scheduled to be completed in 2026, is a project that costs $1.6 billion. While that is more than the estimated payout, you could pay for a third of the new stadium with just the Powerball winnings alone! 
  8. Holiday Valley Season Ski Pass

    1. A single member combo ski pass for day and night on the season costs $1,091. If you used your entire Powerball winnings to buy Holiday Valley season ski passes, you would be able to purchase 473,693 passes! 

There’s so much more you could buy in Western New York if you won the Powerball jackpot, and while you probably wouldn’t want to spend it all in one sitting, at least you have a few ideas on what you could buy!

The Powerball draws on Wednesday, July 19, so make sure you grab your tickets to get in – so you can win!

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