After two mass shootings, one happening right here in Western New York, schools around the area are adjusting their security protocol.

The school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24 left 19 children, 2 adults, and the gunmen dead…only 10 days after the horrific shooting at a Buffalo grocery store.

Some school districts have announced changes to their security protocol following the two attacks. 

According to a post on Facebook from Niagara Falls school board member Paul Kudela, anyone that wants to enter any school in the Niagara Falls school district will need prior approval.

The new rule includes parents, guardians, siblings, vendors, and other non-employees.

Buffalo Public Schools are now making similar changes to their rules when it comes to visitors in their school buildings.

The announcement was made on board member Larry Scott’s Facebook page on Wednesday morning. 

“After the horrific Buffalo and Texas Mass Shootings, any person who wishes to enter a school MUST call ahead and obtain prior approval to entering the building,” Scott wrote. “NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.”

This new rule includes parents, caregivers, siblings and vendors.

“Upon entry, visitors may be subjected to wanding and/or a search process for safety measures,” school board member Larry Scott. 

Doors at every Buffalo Public School will remain locked during the school day, and camera monitors are at the front entrance of each site that will be monitored. 

Board member Larry Scott also confirmed that members of the Buffalo Police Department or the school district’s security staff will have more of a presence in and around schools for an undetermined amount of time.

The mass school shooting in Texas is the 2nd largest school shooting in US history.

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