Spring break is coming for kids all around Buffalo. You might already have big plans lined up to get them out of the house, but what happens when it rains?

Everyone knows the weather here in Western New York is unpredictable. We could have sunny skies and warm temps one day, followed by days of downpours. It’s something we’ve come to expect every spring. After all, “April showers bring May flowers…”, right?

Tell that to any parent trying to entertain their kids who are home for spring break.

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If you’re not taking a family trip out of town, you’re counting on nice weather to get the kids outside so you don’t go crazy.

No one wants to spend spring break cooped up inside staring at a screen all day. We all know that bored kids and crazed parents aren’t a great combo. (Can you feel your blood pressure rising just imagining it?)

Buffalo Is Full Of Fun Places To Go When It’s Raining

Good news! Here in Buffalo, there’s tons of fun places to take the kids when Mother Nature rains on your parade. Whether you want them to learn something, get some exercise, or just get out of your hair (no judgment!), you can make sure the kids get out of the house and have some fun this spring break. 

And even better - many of these spots are inexpensive. Some are absolutely free! And all of them you’re sure to love, too.

Keep scrolling for some ideas on where to take the kids here in Buffalo if it rains during spring break. 

Raining? 10 Fantastic Places For Kids In Buffalo, New York

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