There are tons of reporters who cover the Buffalo Bills, whether that’s locally or on the national level. And while some reporters are known for taking their controversial stand, there are just some things you don’t say. 

Especially when it offends a major part of the Buffalo Bills fanbase. 

One reporter made a huge mistake when he made some bold comments about women who watch football, and it has left a scar with the Bills Mafia that is difficult to ignore.

Jerry Sullivan is the kind of reporter we have become familiar with in the Bills Mafia as the guy who basically says any thought that comes to his head. He’s known for his negative hot takes and his rips on our favorite athletes (by the way, did you see what he said to Josh Allen after the win against the New York Jets?).

Josh Allen is a pro for choosing to ignore Sullivan’s comments,  but some things just can’t be ignored….like Jerry Sullivan’s comments about women the following day. 

In a video podcast on Monday, Jerry Sullivan became rather critical of women in the Bills Mafia after a woman called into the podcast, as you can see below: 

“The worst fans really are the women. They don’t get critical journalism. They’re all wannabe cheerleaders.” 

Many people were outraged by these comments, and as a result, Jerry Sullivan has lost his job as a reporter for multiple outlets, including the Niagara Gazette and the Lockport Union Sun & Journal. 

You can read the Niagara Gazette’s statement below.

Sullivan has also lost his job at WIVB. 

After the news of losing his job(s), Sullivan went on Twitter to apologize for the comments that have already done a significant amount of destruction. 

Here’s what he said: 

“I'd like to apologize for comments I made on a podcast last night that were uncalled for and insulting to women. I should be better than that.”

I mean, it’s nice that he apologized, I guess. But I think I speak for all women in the Bills Mafia when I say that we expected the same level of detail in Sullivan’s apology as we heard in his explanation of why women are “the worst fans” and “don’t get critical journalism.”

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