Western New Yorkers love their local restaurants. That is one of the things you learn quick once you live here a while.

Yes, there are national chains that Buffalo loves and supports, but it's the local restaurants and bars that make this community special.

In South Buffalo, there are countless local restaurants. Many of them serve up tremendous pizza and wings, along with excellent bar food. There's also some cool ice cream and Italian places that are in the heart of South Buffalo.

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One of the newer ones is D.A. Taste, which is located on Abbott Road in South Buffalo.

They serve up Mexican food, with some pretty cool and exotic taco creations. They have gotten more and more popular over the last 1-2 years.

They were so busy this past Friday (Cinco De Mayo), that they actually had their page completely crash on Uber Eats. There were so many order that all the orders just got cancelled.

They apologized for what happened on Facebook.

As you can see, they literally had order after order within a few minutes of each other here. The line was down Abbott Road.

Many of the great local restaurants in Buffalo usually have long waits, so just be patient and understanding of the employees who are doing the absolute best they can to meet the demand.

Imperial Pizza down the road is a similar situation, especially during Bills and Sabres games. They can get so crowded the line forms out the door and there are no seats left inside.

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