The Buffalo Sabres had a busy day on Thursday.

You may know by now, but Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams attempted to trade for Ottawa Senators goaltender Matt Murray on Thursday morning.

The trade would have seen Murray come to Buffalo and the Sabres would have gone from the 16th pick to the 7th pick in the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft. Ottawa would have retained some of Murray's salary as well. Unfortunately, Murray said "no" to the trade, since he has a 10-team no-trade clause, which Buffalo was clearly on.

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That means the Sabres stayed put for all three of their picks in the first round last night and many Buffalo hockey fans are thrilled with who they picked.

With the 9th overall pick the Sabres selected center Matthew Savoie of the WHL (Winnipeg Ice).

Savoie is a small but fast and skilled center with a high I.Q. He's only 5'9'' and 175 pounds, but some thought he could go as high as the top 5, perhaps number five to Philadelphia.

It's uncanny how similar Savoie's game is to former beloved Sabre, Daniel Briere.

Savoie can score and set up other goals, he can play center and wing, plus he is smart enough on the power play to know when to pass and when to shoot. His size and demeanor is also a mirror image to Briere.

Despite the heavy Briere comparison, Savoie tailors his game after Tampa Bay Lightning center, Brayden Point, who is only 5'10''.

Point was a third round pick of the Lightning but has turned into one of the league's best forwards.

With the 16th overall pick, Buffalo selected another center, Noah Ostlund of Sweden. The 5'10'' forward is also skilled and fast.

The Sabres ended their trifecta with the 28th overall pick, center Jiri Kulich of the Czech Republic. Kulich is described as a calm and steady offensive center who also has a high hockey I.Q.

The Sabres will finish the draft on Friday with rounds 2-7.

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