Beginning today, six of 20 school zone speed cameras in Buffalo are being activated.

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Right before the pandemic began, the city of Buffalo had just installed the cameras, after Governor Cuomo passed new legislation permitting cameras in school zones, according to WGRZ.

Some of the cameras were reactivated in September, and now drivers can expect to be issued a $50 ticket for a violation.

Buffalo Public Schools are learning remotely for now, but because some area private schools are holding in-person school now, the cameras are being reactivated.

Cameras near Canisius High School, Nichols School, St. Joseph's University School, Westminster Community Charter School, Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Children's Academy, and Notre Dame Academy will be active. WIVB reports driving 26 mph or faster will cause a motorist to have their picture taken, and be mailed a $50 violation notice.

These are not "speed traps." Flashing beacons are installed near the cameras, and they are turned on one hour before the school day starts, and the lights are turned off one hour after it ends.

According to WIVB, If they are not flashing, the camera is not on.

If more schools open up to in-person instruction, more cameras will be turned back on.

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