The school year for 2021-2022 is about to begin in just a few short weeks. As we all are having a great summer and enjoying some events that we missed last year, there have been lots of things happening behind the scenes in just about every school district across New York State.

But what will be the case for the Buffalo Public Schools when classes resume this September? It looks as if the policy has been changed a little bit for those attending the schools in the Queen City this fall.

A five day in-person schedule is planned for this fall in Buffalo!

Students and staff at Buffalo Public Schools are going to have to wear a mask when the academic year starts in a few weeks. The superintendent says anyone who is inside of a building needs to wear a facial covering, even if they've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The new requirement for social distancing has also been updated to include a 3 foot rule.

Our kids are young and are growing up with the pandemic and mask policies as their normal. Our oldest son will be attending kindergarten this fall and as of last year during the pandemic wearing a mask was just something that he knew as a routine. However getting our younger son who is about to be three and attend day care this fall to wear a mask has been a bit of a bigger challenge. So I completely understand how difficult it will be for parents, teachers and staff to get the kids to fully understand the need to wear a mask while in classrooms.

Most colleges around New York State will be requiring vaccines for their students this fall and masking is also requirement indoors especially for large gatherings like sporting events. The University of Buffalo already informed us that they will be requiring masks for their events.

As we get ready for the Erie County Fair to begin, typically the end of the summer unofficially, more and more policies are being updated in regards to students and classrooms. Don’t forget when you are shopping for some school supplies to add masks to the list.

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