This is an opinion piece. 

It seems like any time the weather becomes frightful, it makes people everywhere become rather…spiteful. 

When Vaughn Monroe first recorded the song, “Let It Snow!” It became obvious that all of the lyrics are embracing the bad weather for what it is, and making the most out of a snowy day, rather than complaining about it and becoming a bitter Scrooge until it melts. 

Made famous by Dean Martin, the song is something we should pay closer attention to this winter. 

As Buffalo is known across the country for its uncontrollable snowstorms, we’re bound to have a few in the next several weeks. And that’s ok.

One person in Niagara Falls shared a PSA on Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more. 

“If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.”

In Buffalo, we know it’s coming, and the beautiful thing about the City of Good Neighbors is that we always bind together to get through a tough snowstorm. 

And while a majority of Buffalonians would probably tell you that if they had to choose the worst part about living in Buffalo, they would say it’s the unpredictable snow. 

We get it, ok? It’s snow, and it can be annoying, but you shouldn’t let the snow totally corrupt your mood. It’s still the season to be jolly, and a time to give thanks. 

If you get snowed in, just think of it as a chance to spend more time with your family. Or a chance to make one memorable family run to your favorite place for chicken wings. 

Usually we’re pretty good sports about it….as you may have guessed from the quality memes. 

The first big snowstorm is expected to hit Buffalo the weekend before Thanksgiving. One GFS model predicted that Buffalo would see approximately 30’’ of snow, but it’s difficult to have all the details as to what to expect for the weekend. 

Here is the Winter Storm Watch posted by the National Weather Service. 

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