Ask most Buffalonians and they'll say that Buffalo-style pizza is unmatched.

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The sweeter sauce, the slightly thicker crust, the extra cheese and cup-and-char pepperoni -- it's pure bliss for Western New Yorkers.

But did you know that one pizzeria is trying to get traditional Buffalo-style pizza to other parts of the country?

Baddpizza first opened in 2018. It was started by owners Joel Salamone and Steven Houck, who have ties to Buffalo.

They just opened up a location in McLean, Virginia and they also have two other locations in the Washington D.C./Virginia area.

They know Buffalo transplants are appreciative of the hometown pizza and it's exposing others to the wonders of this pizza style.

According to the owners, the plan is to franchise and bring Buffalo-style pizza to everyone!

They even make all wing orders crispy!

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