I have family and friends who have moved away from Buffalo and they yearn for the Buffalo-style pizza again -- along with those delicious, crispy wings that they're accustomed to.

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Two Western New York natives have decided to bring the winning recipe to the nation's Capital.

According to WIVB, Joel Salamone (who went to Williamsville South) has been living in the D.C. area since 1999 and never liked the pizza in the area...so he decided to get his longtime friend Steven Houck (who worked in Buffalo pizzerias for 25 years) to open up a Buffalo-style pizza place in South Riding, Virginia.

“There’s a couple of places that are okay for wings, but I’ve never found any places I really thought were great quality,” Salamone said.

The name of the pizzeria is Baddpizza. It's only been opened since December but it;s already getting plenty of great reviews from locals and WNY transplants.

“The first group of people who have really looked forward to us are the Buffalo expatriates- people who grew up in Buffalo or have family in Buffalo, who grew up eating Bocce Club, Imperial, La Nova, Picasso, who are now in the D.C. area,” Salamone said.

The owners want the pizza to be Buffalo-style in every detail:

  • cup and char pepperoni
  • sweeter sauce
  • toppings to the edge
  • crust that's not too thick, not too thin

It's not just pizza either -- they make all wing orders crispy as well, just like home!

They also plan on opening two more Baddpizza's in the near future and the long-term goal is to franchise and bring Buffalo-style pizza to everyone!

Read the full story at WIVB.

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