My new online addiction while working is scrolling through Google Maps. Specifically, going through downtown Buffalo and places I visit frequently throughout Western New York.

Well I stumbled upon this and here's something you can try right now!  As you scroll through parts of downtown in the last few years, you can literally see the transformation of Buffalo.  The before, the during and completed projects!  Check it out. Remember this place?

BEFORE: Hey, the old Bada-Bing! (I think I used to party at Quote nightclub in that building back in the day as well) Photo: Google Maps

Scroll just a tad more up Delaware and poof! The next picture appears showing the CONSTRUCTION of what is now the Delaware North Headquarters at 250 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

The same place (currently on certain parts of Google Maps) if you just scroll down the street. (Photo: Google Maps)

..and of course at it stands today.

Google Maps

Here are MORE examples..

BEFORE: Thaddeus J. Dulski Federal Building. (Photo: Google Maps)
AFTER: The Avant building in the exact same location. (Google Maps)

Keep scrolling through Google Maps towards Buffalo City Hall and check it out....

NOW YOU SEE IT! Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse as it stands today. (Google Maps)
NOW YOU DON'T! Where'd it go? The Courthouse before construction! (Photo: Google Maps)