I was  actually unaware of a few of these at first (no pun intended), but Buffalo is the home to a few notable 'firsts'. From sports, to lifestyle to inventions, some very important things have come out of Western New York.

was talking to someone the other day of how Ralph Wilson Stadium was the first to host the NHL Winter Classic, which got me thinking...

What else can we add to this list?

  • 1

    First To Host the NHL Winter Classic

    Buffalo was the site of the first ever Winter Classic, the now annual outside NHL game on New Years Day. The first was in Ralph Wilson Stadium in 2006.

  • 2

    First To Have Street Lights

    In 1901, during the Pan American Expo street lights were invented in WNY and that's why we're called the 'City of Light'.

  • 3

    First To Have A Daycare in America

    A woman named Maria Love founded the first daycare center in the United States. It was called the Fitch Creche and the building is still on Swan Street by Michigan.

  • 4

    First AC Was Invented In Buffalo

    Willis Carrier--you're a saint. In 1902 you changed the world with your design and drawings.

  • 5

    First Pacemaker Was Made In Buffalo

    Wilson Greatbatch changed the world when he invented this in 1960. Over 600,000 pacemakers are put in people every year.

  • 6

    First To Be In 4 Straight Super Bowls

    ...lets not go there.

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