Do people still ask the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage?

I’d like to think yes…not to get permission, necessarily, but rather to get their blessing. It’s a respectful thing to do and it shows maturity, in my opinion. 

If you didn’t ask for the father’s or mother’s blessing, I’m not saying that’s a bad choice. Your journey is your journey, but I think it is sweet when a guy does that. 

However, there is that fear that you won’t receive the blessing, and how do you come back from that? Especially when you know that you want to spend your life with this person, you probably already have the ring, and you have so many future plans together? What do you do then?

To plan ahead before that big conversation with the parents, it’s important to know the reasons why people do not receive that blessing. 

Here are some 15 reasons why you may not get their parents’ blessing….#BuffaloEdition.


  1. You scream too much at the TV during football season and they’re worried that you’ll scream at your daughter. 

  2. You eat wings with ranch, and that makes the parents blue. (Or should I say bleu?) 

  3. You don’t shovel your driveway or sidewalks.

  4. You’re a Patriots fan. ‘Nuff said.

  5. And although you’re a Patriots fan, you could try to participate in the Bills Shout Song…but you don’t and you never do. 

  6. You tailgate too hard.  

  7. Going downtown to Chippewa with the boys is still SUPER important to you….

  8. You still have a Maple Leafs jersey in your closet.

  9. You told them you prefer Taco Bell…and although you switched to Mighty Taco, the parents never forget. 

  10. You flunked out of ECC. 

  11. You wake up late on game day. 

  12. You can’t handle spicy foods, like Frank’s Red Hot, and the parents are worried that means you will leave when the going gets tough. 

  13. You don’t brush off the snow from his car.

  14. You refer to Buffalo as part of “Upstate New York.”

  15. You drive a suped-up Honda Civic. 







If you don’t do any of these Buffalo sins, then you should be in the clear! I mean, why else would her parents say no to you??

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