Here in Buffalo and Western New York, we adore our food. It's the food that makes us who we are in the national spotlight: wings.

We also have Buffalo-style pizza, spaghetti parm, sponge candy, Loganberry and much more. The wings though are the number one thing that Buffalo gets praise from in regards to the rest of the country.

We all have those places that we visit for wings. Your "go-to" places you could say. For me, that's Bar-Bill, Elmos and Nine-Eleven Tavern. Kelly's Korner is another place that serves incredible wings, and only locals go there.

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As much as I adore wings, it can be frustrating. The reason is because those places make such incredible wings, I rarely get anything else; even though the other menu items are amazing as well.

There's one dish here that is typically amazing at most locally-owned Buffalo restaurants that we simply do not get enough of, because wings steal the spotlight.

Chicken fingers.

Okay, chicken fingers are well known and popular to a degree, but how many people go to Bar-Bill and choose the fingers over the wings? Some do, but many do not. But Bar-Bill has amazing chicken fingers -- like, other worldly good.

Kelly's Korner also has some of the biggest and most amazing wings you will ever have in your life.

What I love about Buffalo is the fact our portions are gigantic. So many places serve up huge chicken fingers with hot sauce and blue cheese, and sometimes, you have to get bypass the wings to cherish a food we do great as well.

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