Doesn't it feel like every morning you have woken up, there has been at least a little snow on your car? Seriously, it feels like it has snowed at least a little bit every day during the month of January.

January of 2022 is in the top five for snowiest Januarys in recorded history for Buffalo. It's also one of the coldest we can remember in recent memory.

The temperatures won't be fun this weekend, with highs in the teens on Saturday and Sunday. The good news is that snow shouldn't be a problem, but that could change in a big way next week.

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Tuesday will see highs in the low 40's, with a chance of rain and sleet, which will be welcomed after the brutally cold weather we have had to endure.

However, by Wednesday the weather will be more unsettled with a wintry mix and a high of 37, according to WIVB, and then Thursday will be the day to look out for.

Mike Cejka of WIVB says that there's a looming storm that should arrive by Thursday, with could produce intense, heavy snow...

It's obviously still too early to tell how many inches (or feet) we will see from this storm, but if this winter has been any indication, it could be big-time snowfall.

It never hurts to prepare early; maybe making plans to work from home Thursday and/or Friday next week, and making a quick trip to Wegmans or Tops...just don't buy all the bread.

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