We've heard the phrase, "Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned."  But this is the most generous form of revenge ever.

There wasn't any furious tossing of clothing or electronics out the window like you see in the movies.  There wasn't a Carrie Underwood type of car destruction.  This was the sweetest form of revenge ever.

According to The Smoking Gun, 24 year old Serina Wolfe is from Buffalo.  She and her boyfriend Michael Crane were on vacation in Clearwater, Florida when they began to argue.

She told police that she wanted a flight back home and he refused to pay for it.  Wolfe was angry and decided to take it out on him in the most generous way ever.

After a dinner at a diner in Clearwater, Wolfe offered one of Crane's credit cards to pay the bill.  What was $55 bill incurred a $5055 charge to Crane's card.

That's right.  She tipped the waitress $5000!

Of course when Crane saw the charge on his card, he disputed it and that's when the truth came out.

Wolfe was arrested on Grand Theft and is currently being held in lieu of $1000 bond.

The question now though is who has to pay the $5000.  The diner says they already paid the tip to the waitress.

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