The Buffalo Zoo and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens made a bet. We lost.

The wager is simple. If the Buffalo Bills win this Sunday against the Jaguars, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens will contribute to the North American Bison Coalition in addition to supplying the Buffalo Zoo with one of its local delicacies, chocolate-covered popcorn. The American Bison Coalition brings together an assortment of conversationists including Native America tribes, educators, and zoos in an effort to raise awareness of this iconic species in North America. If Jacksonville wins, the Buffalo Zoo will contribute to the Rupununi Wildlife Research Unit, as well as send one of Buffalo’s delicacies, sponge candy to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The Rupununi Wildlife Research Unit is located in the Rupununi region of Guyana, which is home to a large population of diverse species, including jaguars", wrote the Buffalo Zoo's email.

Even the CEO's of both zoo's had some friendly trash talking, too! 

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens' Executive Director Tony Vecchio is feeling confident, "as a trained zoologist, it is clear to me that a jaguar would have no trouble taking down a bison."

However, Buffalo Zoo President/CEO, Norah Fletchall would like to remind Mr. Vecchio that “a jaguar may be fast and cunning, but stands little chance against a herd of wellbuilt and winter-hardy Buffalo.”

Remember, the Buffalo Zoo is open year round for WNY to enjoy!

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