When you were a kid, you heard stories of adventures; whether it was reading books or watching movies. Many of those adventures involved searching for long, lost treasure.

In reality, many of those said treasures are just made up. They're stories that are carried on for years but there's no real actual evidence that there is in fact treasure. You think of the Lost City of Atlantis or another pseudo-science place that we don't know existed.

But what about actual treasure that individuals bury or hide? Those places actually do exist in the United States. There's even said to be a lost treasure here in the State of New York.

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Back in the 1920's and 1930's, the mob and era of gangsters was in full swing; both in New York City and Chicago.

One of the most famous was Dutch Schultz, who was shot and killed in a New Jersey restaurant back in 1935.

However, before he died, Schultz was said to have buried a treasure in New York.

According to the rumors, he was worried he would be captured by law enforcement for tax evasion, so he hid roughly $7 million into a water-tight safe and buried it in the Catskills Mountains region of New York. That money would be worth over $130 million today but because of Schultz dying without telling anyone where it was, the treasure was forever lost.

The Catskills in New York are literally hundreds of miles, which means finding this treasure (if it does exist) is literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

Still, we do know that there is still actual lost treasure out there and this story sounds extremely believable, because of it involving one person and that era.

How deep could it be buried?

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