If you've ever gone to a brewery and ordered a flight of beer, this is kind of like that...only it's pizza!

This is one of those ideas where you look at it and say, "yeah...it totally makes sense, why wouldn't a restaurant want to offer something like this to their customers?"  And Buteras in Hamburg is doing it.

It's a pizza flight.  So, similar to what you get when you go to a brewery and order a flight of beer so that you can taste a bunch of different types of beer, only this is a flight of brick oven pizzas.

They're all smaller sizes than a normal size pizza, so they're perfect for one person to tackle but there's a couple of them, so they could be used to share too!

We were just there a couple weeks ago.  I tried the chicken finger pizza and it was amazing!  But if I'm being honest, they all looked amazing.  I wished I could have tried more.  The steak pizza is amazing too.

This is your chance...

Butera's has never shied away from new flavors and ways to deliver them to you.  You may remember a few years ago when I stopped out to learn how to make their famous Peanut Butter Rocket Burger.

We all need to support these local restaurants more than ever now.  With winter coming and outdoor seating getting less and less as the days go on, they're once again going to need our support.  It's never a bad idea to support local!



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