When you register as an organ donor, you are granting permission for your organs to be given to people in need should you pass away. But what if you could be a living donor?

Turns out, being a living donor is possible, and one Alden graduate is stepping up to be one of the only living liver donors in the world. 

Carissa Fisher graduated from Alden High School in Alden, NY as a member of the Class of 2021. Since then, she became a preschool teacher and has grown to care deeply for her young students, so much so that when Fisher heard about one of her student’s needing a liver transplant, she knew she had to do something.

After having Ezra as a student, Fisher learned that he has end stage liver disease due to complications with his birth. Since the liver is a regenerative organ, according to DonateLife, there is an opportunity for a living donor to volunteer to be put on the transplant list. 

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Carissa Fisher was fully approved as a match to donate part of her liver to Ezra, saving his life. The transplant team for them is currently in New York City, which means there will be a lot of expensive travel for the two of them to complete the procedure. 

You can learn more about the GoFundMe link, which you can find here

Such a sweet moment for the two of them, and we are wishing them well on the procedure. 

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