Earlier this month, The Buffalo Bills pulled off a trade to secure a legit #1 wide receiver but not everyone thinks it was a good move.

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The Bills gave up a 1st round, 5th, and 6th round pick in this year's draft and a 4th round pick next year for Stefon Diggs and a 7th round picks this year.

According to Cody Benjamin, the Bills were big losers in that trade.

Diggs instantly makes Buffalo's offense better, and he's still just 26, under contract through 2023. Bills fans should be excited to have him. But there's no denying the price was steep for a guy who, at best, replicates the role John Brown already plays for Josh Allen.


The latter, of course, is notoriously erratic throwing the football, especially on deep balls, so it's not hard to envision Diggs tossing a helmet or two once he's spent a year or two outside of the confines of U.S. Bank Stadium.


For the first-, fourth- and fifth-rounders the Bills essentially gave up here, they could've easily dipped into this year's deep WR class, gotten a younger, bigger target and built more around their ground game.


To his credit, Benjamin said it was the 9th worst move this off-season. Check out his top 10 worst moves HERE


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