There is no better smell than a large chunk of Boston Butt slowly cooking in the barbeque pit in your backyard.

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But if you are craving some pulled pork or some brisket and you don't have 8-10 hours to slow roast and cook the meat, what do you do?

Well, you check out some amazing BBQ joints here in Western New York. The other day I was in the studio just thinking about a pulled pork sandwich. Nice tender meat, some solid sauce on a perfectly baked bun. I am no BBQ master so I asked the question, where is the best BBQ in Western New York.

And as always, people across Western New York heeded the call and give me some great places to pick up some barbeque here in the 716. BBQ is a very unique food. There are different styles, different sauces, different cuts so you have to do some research on the type of BBQ the place you are heading to offers. From Carolina-style pulled pork to Kansa City Rib, to Texas-style brisket, each offers its own taste and method of cooking.

I spend many years living in the South and found that all good BBQ takes one thing...time. Yes..Time. You cant' rush a good Boston Butt or slab of St. Louis style ribs. So know that when you head to these local BBQ joints the barbeque masters have invested a lot of time to make these amazing meals.

If your mouth is now watering after reading about all this great BBQ in Western New York, check out where people in Buffalo head out to grab some great Barbeque.

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