This is a beauty that was just listed in Niagara County!

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Although the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic continues to give us headaches and stress, there are some things that are still moving forward and that includes the housing markets!

In Erie County villages, houses seem to sell almost as soon as they go up for sale. Places like East Aurora, Orchard Park and Hamburg are just a few example of the villages that are seeing homes sell for more than the asking price! It is no surprise. Families want to have more space with better schools that are within walking distance of their home.

This house is in Pendleton hit the market late on Monday afternoon.

It features four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The space is good for families as the listing notes it has a little less than 3 thousand square feet to move around in.

We have thought about selling our home and getting something more comfortable for a family of 5! However, it sounds like a challnge to move right now. With 3 kids under four years old and the ever challenging work-life balance, it seems like a move would be tough to pull off. But we will ruun out of space at some pint. It's easy to move around when the kids are little but we will need to get some space before too long!

Gorgeous Home For Sale In East Aurora

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