We were at the bar a couple of weeks ago during happy hour and I went to the bathroom and under the seat was an empty red solo cup and I thought that was kind of strange. Have you ever heard of this being a thing? What does a red solo cup under the toilet seat mean?

Over the weekend we were there and again there was a red solo cup under the seat. It's just a simple red solo cup that is empty but, is squished between the bowl and the seat.

I was super confused so, I asked the bartender why it was like that and I guess this was something that was more common than I thought. If you see any plastic cup under the toilet seat, it means that there is no toilet paper left.

It basically serves as a warning for anyone who is about to sit down and needs toilet paper. Apparently, the person who stocks the bathrooms isn't in every day, and if you're the last person in the bathroom with toilet paper, you are signaling to everyone to not sit down since there's no paper.

When I walked out and asked what the heck that was all about, it seemed like all the old-timers knew what this was all about. They explained to me that they use the cup, but some old-time bars will use just the empty toilet paper roll. I had no clue that this red solo cup toilet seat thing meant something.

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