Buffalo Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay is making headlines after calling out teammates following the 35-34 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.  Following tape review and a lil bit of stretching on Monday, Kelsay expressed some of his frustration about the loss to the media.  Here is what Kelsay said..." Someway, somehow, we've got to understand what accountability means across the board, playing hard every play."  "You watch the film, and not everybody was playing hard on every snap...and that's unacceptable."  "If you aren't going to give us everything you've got, you shouldn't be on the field.  I don't care who you are.  Obviously, I'm not the only one to make those decisions because I'm in that mix.  I'm not pointing the finger.  I'm looking in the mirror first and foremost.  If you're not going to, you shouldn't play."

 Commentary- Well, heck it's about time someone stood up and said something about the way the defense has been playing.  I'm glad Chris Kelsay made those statements to the media as opposed to just trying to motivate the team behind closed doors.  He knows exactly who he's referring to in that statement.  Kelsay somewhat softens the blow by saying that everyone needs to be held accountable, but players know which players are going through the motions and which guys are giving it their all.  Thank you Mr. Kelsay....lets see if your words of motivation can make the guys competitive when you take on the Houston Texans.