Buffalo, New York has been the setting of a handful of Christmas movies. A Prince For Christmas, The Best Man Holiday, A Royal Christmas Engagement, and more. 

Most of the movies that have been filmed here are centered around East Aurora, NY – one of the most beautiful towns to visit in the winter. 

However, there’s a few uniquely Buffalo stories that could be told in these Christmas movies, but unfortunately – they haven’t yet. 

A post on the Buffalo subReddit asked the community for ideas if they were to make Buffalo, NY “the center of a Christmas movie,” and some of these answers are so good, it’s truly a surprise that the movies haven’t been made yet!

Which movie plot would you want to see?

  • The 500 and 400 blocks of Main Street and Shelton Square when AM&A’s/other department stores were still around, as well as Broadway-Fillmore in the 1950s. Classic Buffalo Christmas. And you can’t forget about the original and most grand Niagara Falls Festival Of Lights from the 80s and 90s. You could SMELL those incandescent bulbs burning, lighting the countless wire frames. 

  • Lancaster has some pretty cool retro Christmas decorations on their light poles that their local Rotary club recently restored and brought back. Go through there during Christmas and it’s like the 1970s. 

  • Rudolph would lead a group of Bills team members to pull Santa slay to save Christmas while the rest of the reindeer are stuck in Puerto Rico after catching a virus that is keeping them in quarantine while they recover. They might magically be turned into flying buffalo for the job. 

  • A movie based on the 9-12 feet of snow that fell on us in a 40 hour period….except in this movie, imagine that the snow never stopped. Just piling up like a snowflake flood. A little bit of horror to this Christmas film. 

  • A modern day story about a young working professional leaving Western New York for the coast after college, coming home for the holidays and seeing how vulnerable our regions working and middle class are. The message would be that the Christmas Spirit is still present even when dealing with inflation and a mass economic shift. 

if Buffalo was at the center of a Christmas movie...
by u/Opening-Fortune-2536 in Buffalo

I really like the story about the Bills flying Santa around on Christmas Eve, but what do you think? What Christmas movie needs to be made about Buffalo?

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