Hats off to the guys and girls who woke up early Friday morning to fight the massive barn fire at the Snyder Farm. We are very lucky to have great people and volunteers who are always on call, willing to help. Now it is out turn.

The Snyders need our help and there was a GoFundMe account to get them back on their feet and the goal is halfway reached right now.

Please help!! In the early morning of September 20th a fire destroyed the entire barn located on Broadway in Depew. Which had 12 horses and 2 dogs trapped inside. All 14 of the animals passed away from the fire. Martin Snyder is completely broken and devastated. There are 7 more horses that need our help. (They were not inside the barn) Mr. Snyder does not have any insurance. So, we are looking for your help and support. If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. The horses need food and a permanent shelter. We are also looking for any contractors that would be willing to donate supplies or help rebuild the horse's barn. Snyder's farm has been a staple of our community for over 50 years. Please help rebuild. If you would like to drop off donations the address is 4447 Broadway Street Depew, NY 14043 I started this GoFundMe so that I could raise enough money to rebuild the barn, it has been a very special place in our community. I am also going to help the 5 Families that lost their four-legged best friends. I will also be having a memorial service for the 12 horses and 2 dogs that perished in the fire. Also Mr Snyder asked me to do something special for the fire companies that came to the scene. I don't know what yet, but I will definitely figure something out. I will keep the community posted on all updates.

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