I'm always on the look-out for toys and activities that will tear my 9-year-old away from Fortnite and Minecraft and — as these cold, snowy days drag on — give us all something fresh to do. So, I popped into Clayton's Toys in Williamsville with Andy, 9, and Charlie, 5, to see what captured their attention.

Andy settled on Bottle Bullseye, partially because he and his friends sometime flip bottles in the cafeteria during lunch. (Hopefully the lunch ladies don't have a problem with that!)

It's a simple game that captures the interest of kids at a variety of ages. Charlie was more into flipping the bottles around than worrying about the target but Andy was excited when he got a bullseye and quickly got to experimenting with different water levels in the bottles.

He made up his own challenge: Can anyone land a bottle upside-down ON TOP of a right-side up bottle in the bullseye position?

I'll let you know if anyone in our house gets that one ;)

In the meantime, we have a few free Bottle Bullseye games to give away to lucky listeners, so enter your info below for your chance to snag one. Fun fact: Bottle Bullseye is based right here in Williamsville!

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Andy's top pick this week was Bottle Bullseye, but overall, I think both the boys loved exploring a whole store dedicated to games and toys.

Local, independent toy stores like Clayton's Toys have a special nostalgia for me, and I love their full selection of dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, art supplies, trucks, building sets, science kits and more! Clayton's Toys opened in 1916 as a doll hospital and definitely hasn't lost that local charm.