After a losing season the expected personnel changes have already begun at One Bills Drive and the first one was not the one I would have suspected when you consider the circumstances.  According to multiple sources the Bills have parted ways with Offensive Line coach Juan Castillo after two years.

No doubt, the Bills offensive line was a major problem in 2018, but when you consider the talent they lost up front it's hard to place all of the blame on the coach.  The unexpected departures from the 2017 team were Eric Wood and Richie Incognito.  Wood was forced to retire because of an issue with his neck and Incognito retired over a pay dispute.  That's two big chunks of the line gone right there.

Additionally when it appeared Dion Dawkins was a capable replacement the Bills traded left tackle Cordy Glenn to Cincinnati.  Dawkins didn't have the great season that the Bills were hoping for, but he held his own especially when you consider that half of the Bills opponents this year ended up in the playoffs.

The Bills also lost back-up tackle Seantrell Henderson to free agency.  That's a lot of talent to try to replace and develop in a single season.  I felt it was a lack of talent along the offensive line that was the problem, not the coaching.

Head coach Sean McDermott placed a lot of the blame for the team's offensive shortcomings on the offensive line.  Although the Bills have not officially announced Castillo's firing, it could be the first of other changes on the coaching staff.  Special teams was also a concern this year and some changes there could also be coming.

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