When you were high school, chances are you did some pretty stupid stuff. You know, the things that you did just because you could and you were at the age where you didn't worry about what was coming tomorrow.

But you also learned after the things you did back then. That's exactly what Conner Smith's debut country radio single, "Learn from It" talks about.

The Nashville, TN native has been around country music his entire life, growing up around songwriters. He signed his publishing deal at the age of 16, while he was still in high school, and would later sign as an artist with Big Machine Label Group and Valory Music after graduating.

"Learn From It" was written by Smith with his friend Daniel Ross, and speaks to everyone who has gotten burned by the things they did when they were younger, but learned from their experiences. It's upbeat nature and catchy melody makes it a perfect choice for radio.

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Smith's current radio single isn't the only song that fans have gravitated to. He had a song released in October of 2021 called "I Hate Alabama," which took off immediately when it was released to streaming platforms.

Conner says that "I Hate Alabama" has changed everything. The song was written by Hunter Phelps, Drew Green, Star Lee and Nick Columbia; a rare non-co-write for Conner. It references the reasons he hates Alabama, and then reveals it's all because it's where he lost the love of his life.

Conner Smith joined WYRK and the "Nine O'clock News" to talk about his debut single, "Learn From It," balancing songwriting, baseball and high school; and the amazing irony of Alabama Football being upset by Texas A&M one day after "I Hate Alabama" was released...no, really.

Thanks to Conner for joining me. He has star written all over him. His music clearly speaks to the younger country music fans who are going through challenging times, and that's what's awesome about country music.

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