Ernesto Rodriguez, an Army veteran and tattoo artist, inked his dogs, Duke and Duchess, with quite the complex design right on their stomachs.

After posting the pictures on Facebook and causing a debate, he quickly posted this:

"Animal control came looked at my beautiful dog and left.... wow... what a waste of tax payers im still gonna tattoo my dogs whenever i feel like it... good try haters thanks for all the advertisement."

Problem is that some people said that his initial post with the pictures said he inked the dogs out of boredom.

He went on the record saying, "I didn't just slap her on the bed and tattoo her. She was already [under] anesthetic. She was asleep, completely asleep. I even used topical anesthetic, too, on the skin. So she didn't feel anything. I love my dogs. There's people out there saying that I'm cruel, that I hurt my dogs, that I don't love my dogs, that I shouldn't be doing this, that I should be in jail. None of it is true. I paid a lot of money for my dogs. I take care of them."

What do you think? Ridiculous or not?